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What is preventading?

A simple to install and use car insurance blanket. It is super easy to install and will save you thousands in door ding repairs. This can be one of life's the most annoying of experiences when you ding your own vehicle's door with another inside your own garage. We have all done it.

We set out to fix that annoyance by first building a prototype which our neighbors saw and soon started asking us to build for them and then their neighbors asked them and well you get it. So we felt that that there was enough of a market to make it for the masses inexpensively so that is exactly what we did.

Our patented system uses no magnets or pumps, or complicated instructions. It literally is as easy to install as screwing in a light bulb. Furthermore it requires no tools or assembly and it will protect your car doors for years to come. We are committed to helping the world be a better place for all, so by donating a portion of our proceeds to charity we wanted to give back to society by help others in the process have a nicer start or end to their day.

Please help support our project by ordering yours today, you'll be glad you did.

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